Karah Britton


Height: 5'7"

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue


Training:  BA Theatre Arts, Metropolitan State University of Denver, CO

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Willing to travel


Mother's Day                                 Hotel Guest                 Dir. Garry Marshall                     Henderson Productions

The Shadowman                           Sarah                           Dir. J. S. Wilson                             Wildstory Productions
Trial by Twitter                              Vicki                              Dir. Earnest Harris                      Marlo Productions
Awkward Date                               Karah                           Dir. Earnest Harris                      Marlo Productions
Chuck                                              Mean Girl                    Dir. Julius S. Delacrus                  Off The Boat Productions
The Little Voice in Her Head     Kate                              Dir. John Myers                             Wood Pictures Inc.

Stay                                                 Anna                             Dir. Jeff Sun                                   Jeff Sun Productions

Taking the Cake                            Ashley                           Dir. John Myers                            Wood Pictures Inc.

The Killer Rabbit                          Maid                             Dir. Severus Jade                          Severus Jade Productions

She's Coming Home                   Girlfriend                     Dir. John Myers                             Wood Pictures Inc.

Third Wheel                                   Chelsey                        Dir. John Myers                             Wood Pictures Inc.


Wonder Women                              Super Woman               Dir. Chris Berube                            The Next Stage Theater
Wind Up Puppet Show                   Girlfriend Puppet          Dir. Chris Berube                            The Next Stage Theater
Canker Sores and Other 

Distractions                                       Prunella                        Dir. Larraine Morales                     Metropolitan State University of Denver
Cabaret                                              Chorus                           Dir. Scott Lubinski                          Metropolitan State University of Denver
365 Plays in 365 Days                      Murderer Wife              Dir. Scott Lubinski                          Metropolitan State University  of Denver

The Office                                           Number 2                     Dir. Rickilee Pollack                        Metropolitan State University of Denver

Pleasure Cruise                                  Ginger                          Dir. Rob Janzen                               Metropolitan State University of Denver

F.A.T.                                                     Kim                              Dir. Manda Baker                           Metropolitan State University of Denver

Mother Courage and Her Children  Commander               Dir. Christy Montour-Larson        Metropolitan State University of Denver
A Midsummer Night's Dream           Peaseblossom            Dir. Dr. Marilyn Hetzel                   Metropolitan State University of Denver

The War of the Worlds                       Announcer 3              Dir. Maggie Stillman                       Metropolitan State University of Denver



Training & Workshops

The Artists Workshop: Gary Imholff

The Harvey Lembeck Comedy Workshop: Hellaine Lembeck
Cold Reading; Ivanna Chubbuck Studio: David Lipper
The Image Process; Sam Christensen Studios: Sam Christensen
Improvisation; Upright Citizens Brigade: Joel Spence
Comedy Intensive; Lesly Kahn's Actor Studio: John Rosenfeld

Voice/Speech: Hilary Blair; Denver, CO

Stage Combat/Clowning: Jenn Zuko; Denver, CO

BA Theatre Program: Metropolitan State University of Denver, CO

Acting for Film and Television  : Cathryn Christopher; Denver, CO


Improvisation, Clowning, Physical Comedy, Character/Animated Voices, Stand-up Comedy, Basketball, Hiking, Fishing, Dialects: French, Basic Irish, Texas Southern, Italian, and German. Singing (alto), Bartending, Fencing (beginner), Modeling: Commercial and Print.


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